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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform


Kevin Smith, USMC

“Project Got Your Back has been awesome to me. I’ve been paired up with an awesome mentor who has been an enormous help to me. I’ve been able to straighten things out in my life and be a better person through the help and assistance I have gotten and am able to leave a lot of negativity behind where it belongs.”

Matt Woods, Army

“First and foremost Galon really cares about people and will provide great and accurate career advice. If you are a transitioning Veteran you need to connect with Galon. If you don’t, you will struggle more than normal with the transition. Without Galon and Project Got Your Back I would not have been hired as a manager as quickly as I was. My success is a direct result of Galon’s mentorship.”

Tom Staskiewicz, Air Force

“First is the camaraderie, friendship and support I receive from Project Got Your Back. It has been great to get to know you. I’m working now because of a connection facilitated by Galon, otherwise I don’t know where I’d be. I can’t thank you enough!”

Nate Brossard, Army, National Guard

“Because of Lube Tech's donation, I've been paired with a PGYB navigator that has been able to guide me through the process of transitioning to civilian life. In the last few months, I've been helped with medical issues, mental health, personal and professional development. Thank you very much for your support and thank you for enabling PGYB to conduct their important work.”

Joel Vanderbijl, Coon Rapids

“Project Got Your Back has been more than just assistance finding resources: it's been a new support system and outlet to not only receive amazing help but also give back. It offered me a sense of self-worth when I was at one of the toughest crossroads in my life. Now it allows me to help others in the same way!”

Eric Cullen, Mounds View

“Without the efforts of PGYB, I would never have landed a rewarding and lucrative role as a recruiter that I found through one of their networking events. Now I get to help people find their careers after many years of looking for my own.”

Corby Koehler, National Guard (Retired)

“The best part of PGYB for me was my assigned Navigator. I was paired with a Navigator with a similar military background which built an immediate and trusted connection. My Navigator expertly advised me on my career transition but also provided counsel on life and the challenges of transitioning out of the military. Additionally, the process was flexible which allowed engagements with the other Veteran groups and mentors that worked synergistically with the guidance of my Navigator.”

William, US Navy

"My introduction to Project Got Your Back was incidental but somehow preordained. I believe in my heart that each of us should help others in whatever way we can.
Jeff Ansel. (Army 1968-1996)

My experience with PGYB was the lifeline I needed to give me the confidence following an unexpected job loss to get back on my feet. Knowing someone else was personally on my side was the major benefit. Now, as a Navigator myself, I want to make sure others have the personal support they need to make it through whatever difficulties they are facing."

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Project Got Your Back is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

EIN: 45-3866249

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