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Project Got Your Back (previously Veteran Small Business Foundation) was founded in 2013 with the simple, yet profound intent to help Veterans. Over the last decade, we have connected and built networks with many organizations throughout Minnesota, impacting the lives of Veterans and their families along the way. The value of our collective impact resulted in the creation of the Minnesota Military and Veteran Exchange (MNME) whether people, businesses, and organizations from across the state collaborate on issues to produce discussion and outcomes across all areas of wellbeing.

In early 2021, our organization decided to take the next step in our vision to dramatically improve the wellbeing of all Veterans and began developing our Navigator Program.  After 6 months of planning, and structuring this program, we proudly launched in June of the same year.  Pairing Veteran Clients to our trained Navigators for one year, we are now able to individually help, direct, and navigate Veterans to the resources in our network, which all too often go unused.

Our Board of Directors oversees our long-term strategies and provides fiduciary oversight to our consultants, paid staff, and our invaluable volunteers.  Without the involvement from our Veteran community and groups like the Twin Cities Military Network, MNME, The United Veterans Legislative Council, Beyond the Yellow Ribbon, and our generous sponsors, we could not make this possible.  Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all our collaborators and partners who support us on this journey to help our Veterans!



The mission of Project Got Your Back is to optimize veteran well-being and ensure connection. We unite the community that supports veterans and help our heroes and all military-connected navigate resources.


Our Vision is to dramatically improve the well-being of all Veterans.  Veterans and their families have served and sacrificed and deserve our gratitude and help.  By improving even one Veteran's well-being, we move our community and society forward!



The Twin Cities Military Network is a group of Minnesota based Fortune 500 companies

coming together to help each other with Veteran hiring and retention.

Twin Cities Military Network


We also work closely with national partners to bring best practices to Minnesota and align Minnesota efforts to what is happening across the nation to be more efficient and effective.  For more information on the entire project visit the collaborative MN Military & Veteran Exchange site.

Minnesota Military & Veterans Exchange (MNme)


The Minnesota Military & Veterans Exchange (MNME) is a coalition and community with one simple goal: to create a rallying point for all things related to creating healthier military and veteran communities.

There are hundreds of tools and organizations created to support currently serving, prior service members, their families, and caregivers. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to know where to start looking. MNme raises awareness and provides organized, effective access to the resources available to the Minnesota military and veteran community.

  • We Strive to Facilitate Meaningful Connections

  • We Leverage the Collective Impact of the Military and Veteran Community

  • We are Dedicated to All Minnesota 'Military Connected'

  • We Focus on Health, Stability, and Purpose

  • We Raise the Profiles of the Minnesota Veteran Community


Men and women from every military branch form a community bonded by their commitment to serve. Having served, these individuals often find themselves grappling with a vast array of unique circumstances. Unfortunately, there is no one-size approach the community can take to address these situations. Instead, we must come together to create a network, a consolidated hub of communication. MNme is that hub.

We raise awareness of the existing supportive community and strengthen the connections military, veterans, their families and caregivers have to that community. We encourage all organizations that honor and support service members and veterans to use this site to find each other, connect, share information, and collaborate.

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